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AquaKing Outdoorsman


The AquaKing Outdoorsman is an easy to install and operate tankless water heater. It is built with quality materials and when properly maintained it will last a very long while. This section of the website will be dedicated to helping you understand your heater, how it works, how to keep it working, and should it fail to work, how to fix it.


It is important that you flush your tankless water heater at least once a year, determined by usage. If the heater is installed somewhere in which it may only be used 5 times a year, than a single flushing everyyear after usage would suffice to keep your tankless working at 100%. If the heater is installed in somewhere in which it is being used everyday, than you may have to flush the unit 2-3 times a year to keep it running at 100%.


Flushing your heater is a simple process that requires the user to flush the heater with distilled white vinegar. This can be accomplished using only a 5 gallon bucket, a submersible pump, and two short lengths of hose. Flushing should be done for at least 15 minutes. You can view a video detailing the process here:







Troubleshooting Your AquaKing Outdoorsman


AquaKing Outdoorsman - Bottom View



1. Remember to always check your batteries and the "On/Off" switch located on the bottom of the heater.


AquaKing Outdoorsman - On/Off SwitchAquaKing Outdoorsman - Battery Box


2. Is your heater "clicking" when water is run through the unit? If you do NOT hear a "clicking" noise when water is passed through the heater follow the steps below.


A. After checking that the "On/Off" switch is in the "on" position (as pictured above), first try replacing your batteries. Dead batteries will not provide enough power to allow the heater to ignite.

B. If your heater is in the "On" position, and the batteries have been tested as good, it is time to open the case of the heater. First remove the screws from the bottom corners of the heater:

AquaKing Outdoorsman - Screw Placement for Cover AquaKing Outdoorsman - Alternative View Screw Placement

After removing the screws from the bottom of the heater, pull the dials from the front face of the heater. This will allow you to lift up on the case and slide it off towards the top.

AquaKing Outdoorsman - Dial Removal AquaKing Outdoorsman - Cover Removal LiftAquaKing Outdoorsman - Cover Removal Tabs

Be careful when removing the cover as the "On/Off" switch is wired to the core of the heater. You can bypass the "On/Off" switch by unplugging the connections in the photo below and connecting the two plugs attached to the heaters computer.

AquaKing Outdoorsman - On/Off Switch Bypass AquaKing Outdoorsman - On/Off Switch Bypass

After by passing the "On/Off" switch now turn your attention to the center of the heater, there is a microswitch with a small metal plate resting on the switch. Lift this switch with your finger. Listen for the "clicking" noise. If you hear the "clicking" then you have a water flow problem. If you do not hear the "clicking" then you have either a battery problem or a computer problem. Email the Support Dept. for further instructions.

AquaKing Outdoorsman - Microswitch Location AquaKing Outdoorsman - Microswitch Test

Should you experience any problems with your heater, you should immediately email our support deparment at All emails will be answered within 24 hours.


This page will be continually updated with new information detailing how to maintain and repair your AquaKing Tankless water heater.

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